Me, Myself and I



  1. This is the message that I sent to a little while ago – Hello, I am not sure if I read your handwriting correctly, but if it is indeed the email address of Sharadha Ramakrishnan, please do drop a line. Just to jog your memory – This is the person who took down your email address at the ignitechennai talk, having told you that I have worked a little with some tribals and have seen things recorded for the first time ever …

    Srikumar Natarajan

  2. Hi Sharadha, I just saw this blog link on your FB profile and opened it. I have to say, its wonderful! Though I have not read all the topics, I read a few, and its very impressive. I also love your photography. All the best to Monkey Creative Labs as well as Aarohanam.
    P.S.: I am shruthi’s friend 🙂

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