Itching the Itch

There are a few things I really, absolutely must rant about and what better way other than to blog about it?

1. I don’t understand how my dad would be proud of me because I failed my 12th grade BUT I’m earning a few tens of thousands as an air hostess. No offense to the lovely ladies who take care of us when we are suspended at 30,000 feet, but come on! That’s how you advertise your “Institute of Air Hostess Training”? How did you fail to see that by focusing on a child who has failed her/his 12th grade exams, you are degrading the profession by itself. No, I’m not a believer of exams or marks or any verdict of pass or fail, but the world is. Today’s world is driven by competitive, young people and there is a system in place to evaluate them (us), albeit how much it sucks. And by saying that, for every student who does not graduate high school, there is hope in the profession of an air hostess, you are driving away every other high school graduate who’s passion it is to be one. It has become a profession for “12th fail” (as children who are not cut out for the current education system are more popularly known in our country). Not to mention the epic failure dad portrait that you have created. NO dad would be proud that you made a few bucks. EVERY dad would be proud that you picked yourself up and made something out of your life even though The System failed you. And that’s what you need to be focusing on, big shot. Talk about responsible ad film making.

2. Kareena Kapoor, in Ra One, pulls off her sari (or the excuse of one) and in her (really) short blouse and (really) low skirt, gyrates to “Chammak Challo” in front of her neighbours, friends, her husband (who is a living, talking software code that stepped off a gaming console) and… wait for it… her 10-year old SON!! How appropriate is that?! Yes, they do justify it later by saying that it was actually the villainous bad guy (who is also a piece of software code – but this guy’s made up of cubes of glowing orangish red code) who took Kareena’s form and danced at the party. But oh! Her son’s enjoying the scene with his silly hair flopping around? W T H.

3. My Videocon refrigerator conked last week. It’s just a year old and the compressor died; expected in a place where voltage fluctuations are so high. So I dialed the service center number that I was provided with. What ensued:-

CC guy: “Aaa” (he was having a bad day, I presumed)

Me: “Is this the Videocon service center?”

CC guy: “Tell Madam”

Me: “I bought a Videocon single door fridge on Novembe…”

Prick: “This washing machine madam” Beep… Beep… Beep…

It took me another 5 calls before I could find the Refrigerator service center’s number.

Makes you wonder eh? How this country functions? But hey, on the brighter side, TNEB’s site is way better than it used to be. They have a flashy blue theme and even though it’s extremely slow, it’s way more organized. You can book you gas cylinders by SMS now and it actually works! Airtel finally listened to my hundreds of pleas and stopped sending me hard copies of my bills.So yeah, it’s not all bad. But sometimes, you just need to kick something, hit someone, or blog.

Shah Rukh Khan : As your ardent fan, I beg you, for heaven’s sake do not endorse men’s fairness creams. Did you not get the memo “Tall, DARK and handsome”? We like them brown!



  1. 1. Agree completely
    2. I’m guessing her 10 year old is going to compare every woman to his hot mom :-). Agree
    3. I need to go check out that site

    This is my first time here and I absolutely love it.

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