To the Unborn Child

Dear child,

Little angel, you adorable bundle of joy,

If you can hear me, pay heed to my word,

Don’t matter if you’re girl or boy.

You will be brought into this world, protected,

By all those who love and adore you.

Eventually you will have to comprehend for yourself,

That there are rules you have to conform to.

Some of these rules don’t make sense, my love,

For this is a big, bad world.

But you have to be strong, dear one,

As the truth around you unfurls.

It is confusing, troubling and disturbing,

The wickedness of people’s ways.

You will be helpless, angry and tearful,

Many nights and days.

Dear child you may say,

‘Young and fresh, if I’m being born,

Why cannot I bring with me some good,

That will undo what’s been and gone.’

Little one, it is very well,

That so young, this you ask,

But from your very first breath in this world,

Goodness you have to mask.

There is evil of every kind out there,

Thievery, murder and rape.

Every kind of evil you need to bear,

Drowning in helplessness, till your nape.

Fear will be your constant companion,

Riding with you wherever you go.

Letting go of fear is an option,

But you will be without friend or foe.

But, love, somewhere buried under all this evil,

Is our hope that you will be different.

That you will be able to find happiness,

Strong and brave, no sign of diffidence.

A strapping young man,

or a confident young woman.

Who will treat your fears as friends,

And accept the world, it’s rhyme and reason.

Now I ask you, Child,

Are we selfish, for wanting you to have your chance?

In this world, wicked and blemished,

Everyone’s and no man’s.

For I believe, my precious one,

That I bore the evil, wicked and vile,

Just so I could see that day,

The day you look at me and smile.

I will strive to keep you safe, sound and secure,

But I cannot promise you any more.

For you will fly someday on your own,

You will reach for the skies and soar.

Am I selfish, dear one,

To believe you will survive,

In this big, bad, evil, wicked world,

And live your own life?

Inspired by a conversation with Divya Mahalingam on the  drive back home and a sleepless night.



  1. Brilliant Post! Unlike you, I am not so good with words that I can express verbally, the aftertaste your piece of work kindles within me.. All I want to ask is “Have you not managed to live your own life in this big, bad, evil, wicked world?”!!

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