A warm eulogy for the beloved Road Romeo

Hello Road Romeo,

Quite a fancy title you have there. This will probably be the closest I will get to a “civilized” interaction with you, so here goes. Jumping straight to the point,  do you know how many women are out there in the world who would love to wring your neck, multiple times, just to see you struggle for one single gasp of breath? Every single day, we step out of our doors, wrestling with the universe for a whiff of fresh air, devoid of your existence.

Who gives you the right to look at a woman, visually stripping her in your mind with your repulsive looks? Who gives you the right to put your filthy, vile hands on her? Your gender, you say, you’re a man, you say. Now hear me correctly. You are filth. Your morally repugnant behavior, why,  your sheer existence, puts every other respectable man to shame.

Do you know what you do to the psyche of a woman just by being what you are? Do you realize that you build in her a loathing so deep, enough to annihilate any ability of trust? No you don’t. You don’t see the worried mothers, sisters and girlfriends, all the time praying that their beloved girls should not encounter one of your kind. That even if they do, they should have the strength to ignore you, to bear the damage that you unleash. Sometimes it makes me wonder, do you have no mother and sisters, fool? Did your mother not teach you to respect her and the women around you? Did she not say that a true man always protects and upholds the dignity of a woman?

One would think that you would learn, that you would realize that your cat calling, visual raping and random groping is the lowest level you can sink for the sake of cheap pleasure. One would think that someday, it would dawn on you, the price that so many women paid, because you took it upon yourself to be such a low-life. But then again, one would think wrong. You, whoever you are, have sold your soul to the devil. You are cursed, your existence is abhorred by millions, your self esteem is spat upon. You were never worth the pain your family went through to bring you into this world. You are nothing but a leech, a sadistic, unwanted leech.

Hey, on a final note, you may strut around in your fancy pants and act the fallen Romeo all you want, we don’t give a flying duck any more. If loathing looks, abusive words, and slippers don’t work on you (they don’t seem to), we’ll find a way. All the pent up anger, frustration, wrath and resentment will not stay pent up for too long. Just keep your hands and eyes to yourself unless you want to walk to your grave without them.

Stay away.



  1. He He! Hope you did not pop a vein man! I am assuming something happened today that inspired the writing.
    Take it easy dude.(Easy for me to say)

  2. So true!!!Wolves for Men roam on the roads!!You have to have your eyes all over you when you walk , there is nothing called as taking a “nice walk” for women.

  3. I lived through every line of your blog! So true so true! You just got out all the emotions that woman goes through when she walks on a random road. Really love your post so much that I want to publish it all over and get them reading if only they understand your language!

  4. Fat chance any of those road romeos are actually reading this, or are educated enough to check facebook out and come across your blog. That having said, it is still absolutely important that you’ve posted this because there is a worse breed of road romeos, the educated ones. And hopefully this will hit them on the head like those low cielings when you climb up to the ac dining hall of hotels like balaji bhavan 😉 Loved this post, and from a guy pov, grateful that the civilized ones still have some support from the fairer sex.

  5. So.. I agree with almost everything of what you say and it is quite sure what you write comes out of anger. And I condemn such behavior lest you mis interpret what I am about to say.

    I ask the question how do we create men like these?

    Certainly they are not born cheap? Their minds don’t evolve into being cheap do they? Unless we hit the root .. you and many of us will only be lashing our whips at stone walls.. getting nothing in return for expressing our anger like this.. Sure it will make one or two guilty.. convict them.. probably (very unlikely) even repent.. They will still emerge again and again unless we treat the actual problem..

    1. What you say is very true Andy. This post is only a vent of frustration and nothing more. I personally believe that such behaviour from men is triggered by multiple factors, almost most of which arise from women themselves. And yes, we have to hit the root of the problem, and such discussions will definitely help in doing that. Thanks for your comments!

      1. Well, firstly (even though many might not agree) I honestly think most women enjoy the attention from strange men to a certain extent. But when they toe the line, it offends us. Why encourage such behaviour in the first place? Why plant the seed? Secondly, there’s pride taken by most women when they’re referred to as “delicate” and “fragile”. Why? I could name a few more but they might cause quite a stir, but I’m sure you get my point.

  6. Shar – This was extremely well written! You go girl, seriously!! I’ve felt this way before SO many times. (some) Men are pigs! I watched as two men visually rapped a girl who was young enough to be their grand-daughter once and it REALLY upset me! I was ready to pounce on them like a tiger onto its prey! I wrote about it here: http://2littlepuzzlepieces.blogspot.com/2010/04/putting-it-all-on-display.html. It was so nice meeting you while you were in the office! Come back soon! 🙂

    1. Thanks Denise. And yes, you really feel like tearing such men apart. But we need to think of a more practical solution, and soon. I read your post Denise, so true! I feel restricted every time I decide what to wear. It was so great meeting you too! 🙂

  7. Holy Hell!!! Ranjani wrote along the exact same lines 3 (or 4) years ago! I even remember both of us reading it.. and it was called Road Romeo something too!! But oh man, looks like this topic still gets our blood rushing with the same frustration!! 🙂

    I read the last para first, and the “flying duck” caught my eye 😛

    Deadly post!

  8. Chanced upon this blog post by accident.. Not regretting it. Haven’t quite seen a warning note for a road romeo anywhere before.. must have taken some irking to get this strong a note from a girl. Great post, loved your writing style! All the best.

  9. I came to this blog, my bad… you scared me big time… though I am no road romeo… myself! Phew!

    Thank god we didn’t meet in person, for you might have unleashed madness, this is spartaa types, lol ! :))

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